Tuesday, 16 August 2011

How To Increase Free raffic

Today i will tell you, that how to increase free traffic. I have a list of tasks that have to do to drive traffic to your blog / website and the best we can do this without spending a dime .Just follow the steps below hard and large amount of traffic to your blog / site.

1. Tell your Secret:- This trick works well if you have an established blog. I mean a blog with good Alexa Page Rank. Just high or say what you did to achieve your Alexa or Page Rank. Traffic will automatically begin tracking your blog.
2. Guest Posts:-This is a great way to increase your blog's traffic. Find blogs you like and ask them if they are interested in writing you. Else for high traffic blogs you can find a good page that takes place via messages, and write.

3rd Commenting on other blogs: leaving quality comments on other blogs also help you increase traffic to your blog. Try to visit at least 15-20 blogs every day and leave your comments there. This method works really well for me.

4. Make something unique:-If you can do something unique that will attract people's attention, then believe me, you have tons of traffic to your blog. So, please something new no one has done so far.

5. Commenting on the forum:-Another simple but great way to drive traffic to the forum blog. Participating as digital point, forums Young entrepreneur.com always helps to drive more traffic to blog. Just Add your blog URL in your signature and get ready to get traffic.

6. Social Media-This is another useful source of free traffic. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter becomes a source of generating traffic for each blogger. You can also use sites like Liked In, Stumble Upon, MySpace etc. to generate traffic.

7. Bots:-This is the place where most of the bloggers generate much of the traffic. Almost 60% of my total traffic comes from search engines. So, you will need to work on SEO "Search Engine Optimization" to get a higher place on the results of search engines. Remember to keep your writing fresh content for search engines to chew!

8. Organization of the competition:-In reality, this is a way to reward readers. Organizing competitions on a regular basis to help you drive lots of traffic blog. You able to provide free advertising space, plugins, themes, etc. for the readers.

9. Create and share your E-Most bloggers use this technique days. You now able to write an e book 12-15 pages, and you can freely distribute the URL in your blog readers. Include the entire e book, and gets tons of traffic to your blog.


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