Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Google AdSense Page Impression

I Mr.Mudassar finally signed and have a Google AdSense account, but are confused by the terminology in their reports. For example, the impression Page impression vs. units? Thanks for any help you can offer.

I wrote about Google AdSense (read all about Google AdSense). It is very cool, but you're right, it can be very confusing if you're not used to thinking like a marketing and advertising Maven.

In addition, they announced a series of changes in their relationship, which aims to clarify what it is, including what they now call a "print ad." Let's start with the, will us is how Google explains the difference between a page view and print ad unit:

A new option in their reports, which allows even more precise tracking. We have introduced the concept of "ad impressions" to complete "page impressions" later in their reports. So far, a reflection of your AdSense "page views" number of times AdSense was triggered. This meant that multiple ad units on a page would connect up to "page views" 3 in your reports when only a single page view held in a user's browser.

Page impressions are now just that - the number of page views, is detected. Ad impressions drive is the new name for the old behavior: a sense of connection to each ad unit, he said.Got it? In general, AdSense reports information covering the following areas Page Impressions - how many times a page or pages that contain your AdSense ads shown visitorsClicks - many times people actually clicked on advertisementPage CTR - as a result of click-through rates, because percentagePage eCPM - the effective cost per thousand (M - MIL is Latin) for your ad space.

This is the statistic that only a marketer you can not love, then it is fine if they ignore it, but can show them ads, ad units are the most valuable, especially if you use channelsYour result - no explanation necessary. Bigger is better.I hope that helps clarify how to read Google AdSense reports.


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